Podcast – Experience Diamond Tech with Tim goodman

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The Jewellers Podcast Tim Goodman, CEO of YourDiamonds.com, chats about the new platform where diamond tech is at the forefront. Yourdiamonds.com, founded in 2018, is a technology start-up providing online software and an auction trading platform for the diamond industry. YourDiamonds.com was conceived to disrupt the traditional auction industry and to create market information and […]

The Diamond Backed Digital Token – Fake Or Fortune?

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By Richard Chetwode / [email protected] Many of the proposed diamond backed Cryptocurrency schemes simply risk repeating the mistakes of the past. Not many people in the diamond industry will remember the boom and bust of diamonds in the 1970’s, when diamonds ceased to be a luxury purchase, and instead became an investment vehicle, a decade […]

Building the Next Generation of E-Commerce

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By Marketing industry guru, Terry McGinnis It’s now coming close to 5 years when I first started ‘dabbling’ in the field of e-commerce; from starting my own apparel company in my High School/College days and selling it online to managing large multi-million pound (£) budgets for large clients who had become masters in the field of […]

How Important Are Online Influencers in 2021?

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By Terry McGinnis Unless you are a complete technophobe and haven’t switched on a computer or smart phone in the last ten years, you will probably have heard about or seen online influencers – even if you didn’t realise it at the time. If you have any social media accounts, then it’s practically a guarantee. […]

Finding the Money

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By Cynthia Unninayar + Erik Jens Over the last decade or so, traditional financing in the diamond industry has slowed, while other types of funding have come onstream. There have been extreme changes in the financing of the diamond industry and trade over the last decade. This has occurred for various reasons, foremost among them […]

The Secondhand Opportunity in Hard Luxury

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By Filippo Bianchi, Inga Flicker, Felix Krueger, Guia Ricci, Matthias Schuler, Javier Seara, and Sarah Willersdorf at Boston Consulting Group The global luxury market has a fast-growing new base of consumers: secondhand buyers. In the past, some luxury brands and retailers didn’t consider the secondhand market, but as new players enter and consumer interest rises, that […]