Diamond Industry Trade Members

Diamond Industry Trade Members

The information you need to make the right business choices.

Clear Pricing Data & access to cashflow finance coupled with a New Suite of Tools powered by blockchain technology & accessible anywhere from any device.

Diamond Trade Tools & Services

Yourdiamonds.com™ new Global Diamond Hub is helping the Diamond Industry solve old world problems through Digital Technologies & Web3. Our suite of new digital tools help to drive your profits in the diamond trade through value added information and transparency.

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Diamond Auction Estimator

A world first for the Diamond Trade. Calculate the actual realisable value of any white diamond in different locations & currencies. Receive the estimated Auction price for the stone based on what it might have fetched at auction yesterday in the same location.


  • Retailers can accept trade-ins with the confidence of knowing what the trade-in is worth to liquidate.
  • Auction houses & valuers have answers in seconds.
  • Accountants and Banks can easily determine the value of inventory.
  • Invaluable for manufacturers

Diamond Wholesale Estimator

Yourdiamonds.com™ Wholesale Estimator will accurately calculate the average wholesale asking price for any white diamond in your preferred global diamond centre location & currency.


  • Data including over 300 million asking prices over six years sourced from multiple third-party platforms & updated weekly.
  • Select any shape and location to produce interactive, data driven, real time results.
  • Stay aware of market ups and downs with our % change indicators.

Diamond Wholesale Price Lists

Our diamond price tables are a cut above the rest.


  • Pricing Data for ALL shapes in ALL diamond centre locations.
  • A more comprehensive wholesale price list and comparison to auction spot market results.
  • New smartphone friendly tables are unique and save valuable time.

Automated Insurance Valuations - Blockchain Technology

Our fully automated online insurance valuation tool for loose diamonds & diamond set jewellery is a world first. We use our wholesale algorithms & the wholesale asking price statistics acquired from third party platforms together with current metal prices, different indirect tax rates & trade margins to assess the current retail replacement price.


  • It takes 45 seconds to produce a comprehensive written valuation suitable for diamond jewellery replacement purposes accepted by leading insurance companies.
  • The automated insurance valuer can be applied to any region and any currency.
  • Brand the valuation with your own company, logo and contact details to help maintain your relationship with your client.

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Diamond Spot Market Index

The DSX is a semi spot market, trade weighted Diamond Index that tracks actual diamond sale prices achieved at the traditional auctions conducted by Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, Philips & six other traditional auction houses. Diamonds at these well promoted auctions are offered to a well-informed market whereby the purchaser is required to settle in cash & collect the goods within 48 hours.

Diamond Wholesale Market index

The yourdiamonds.com™ DWX is a hedonic trade weighted Index derived from 300 million asking prices for the full range of diamonds (between 0.25ct and 100.00ct) over six years.


  • We acquire diamond wholesale asking price data from multiple third-party platforms.
  • The DWX is responsive to changes in any part of the wholesale diamond market & an accurate reflection of market sentiment.
  • The DWX shows weekly changes to wholesale asking prices in real time over six years.