Cryptocurrency for Diamonds in $20m Auction

Auction includes a collection of diamonds consigned by the former Chief Diamond Polisher at the Argyle diamond mine It seems the bitcoin frenzy has spread to the diamond industry. An Australian technology start-up,, has announced that it will accept bitcoin at its second auction/tender of fancy pink diamonds originating from the recently closed Argyle […]

Crypto rocks: Sotheby’s sells first world-class 100-carat diamond to crypto-buyer

By Sotheby’s THE HIGHEST PRICE ACHIEVED FOR ANY JEWELLERY OR GEMSTONE PURCHASED WITH CRYPTOCURRENCY Another milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies is reached Landmark sale at Sotheby’s Hong Kong sees FIRST WORLD-CLASS 100-CARAT DIAMOND SELL TO CRYPTO-BUYER. An anonymous buyer purchases exceptional 101.38-carat Pear-Shaped D Colour Flawless Diamond for HK$95.1m / US$12.3m read full article

Banking on diamonds

By Avi Krawitz Having improved its creditworthiness before and during the pandemic, the industry is learning to rely less on its lenders. In both financial and diamond industry terms, 2017 seems like an eternity ago. Bankers at the Dubai Diamond Conference in October of that year gave a stark warning to the diamond sector: The […]

Final Argyle Pink Tender Sees Record Result

By Leah Meirovich RAPAPORT… Rio Tinto achieved record-breaking figures at its 2021 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, with prices strong amid dwindling supply from the mine. The Australian miner offered 70 rare pink and red diamonds at the last-ever edition of the tender, which follows Argyle’s closure in November 2020. The “historical” collection, called The Journey […]

Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs

By Stephanie Chin, Special Counsel and Darren Sommers. Principal of “You know, sometimes I don’t understand what’s wrong with us. This is just about the most creative and imaginative country on earth—and yet sometimes we just don’t seem to have the gumption to exploit our intellectual property.” ― Boris Johnson Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurs Intellectual […]

The Diamond Backed Digital Token – Fake Or Fortune?

The Diamond Backed Digital Token Large Size

By Richard Chetwode / Many of the proposed diamond backed Cryptocurrency schemes simply risk repeating the mistakes of the past. Not many people in the diamond industry will remember the boom and bust of diamonds in the 1970’s, when diamonds ceased to be a luxury purchase, and instead became an investment vehicle, a decade […]

The Secondhand Opportunity in Hard Luxury

Second-hand Argyle Diamond Ring

By Filippo Bianchi, Inga Flicker, Felix Krueger, Guia Ricci, Matthias Schuler, Javier Seara, and Sarah Willersdorf at Boston Consulting Group The global luxury market has a fast-growing new base of consumers: secondhand buyers. In the past, some luxury brands and retailers didn’t consider the secondhand market, but as new players enter and consumer interest rises, that […]