“Après Moi, le déluge”

(“After me, the Flood” Louis XIV) The worrying future of expensive lab-grown diamonds in an oversupplied market. By Richard Chetwode (Yourdiamonds.com). In 1902, Queen Victoria’s oldest son and the future King Edward VII, commissioned Jacques Cartier to make 27 diamond tiaras for his coronation. It was with reason that he named Cartier “jeweller of kings […]

Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs

By Stephanie Chin, Special Counsel and Darren Sommers. Principal of adventumlegal.com “You know, sometimes I don’t understand what’s wrong with us. This is just about the most creative and imaginative country on earth—and yet sometimes we just don’t seem to have the gumption to exploit our intellectual property.” ― Boris Johnson Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurs Intellectual […]